Doxie World is a blog about the adventures of Kendall, Nala and Schnitzel, our mini doxies.

DoxieWorld on InstagramSchnitzel: A silver dapple.

We’ve had Schnitzel since he a puppy. He’s a silver dapple and the oldest, almost 7. He loves to snuggle, go on car rides and travel. He eats a little too much and wants to bite anyone who comes too close to his daddy, but other than that he’s the best dog one could ask for.   He’s best friends with Buford, the basset hound.

Birdie Kendall and Nalas' MomBirdie was my dog, and after she died I tracked down her daughters.

Next we have Nala and Kendall. They are very special to us but you should know why. My husband and I went to great lengths to find them, because we used to own their mother Birdie. Birdie was retired form breeding at age five and that’s when we found her up for adoption. She was so difficult to train because of adjusting to her surroundings, as she lived life in a kennel. She loved running and playing in the yard. We only had her a year and a half when a stray pitbull dog burst into our yard and tore her apart. (Her story here).  After three days in and out of the pet ER’s we lost her.  We were heartbroken. My husband contacted the kennel where she came from and we realized she had two daughters the kennel had kept to breed. My husband got the kennel owner to release them into life early, so that we could adopt them.  This is their story.

Nala Dog the Mini DoxieNala is in a tutu!

Nala we adopted at age four and she’s so cute! A long haired red with a very chubby face, you have to love her!  Adjusting to our house has been a little hard for her. She loves to run around yet has some issues with trust, and seems to favor my husband.  She will come to him but still scared of me. She sneaks up on us to see what we are doing but doesn’t like coming to us until she’s ready to be held. She has yet to learn that peeing all over the house is a bad idea!  When she does go outside she loves it. She prefers to sleep at night in a cage rather than with the rest of us, with the cage door open. She is slowly adjusting.

Kendall mini doxieKendall is only 3.5 and has special needs.

Kendall is the baby, she was three and a half at adoption. She instantly bonded with me and she reminds me so much of her mother, Birdie. So much so that sometimes I forget and call her Birdie.  Kendall is super friendly.  She is a good girl but we found out she has some health issues. Though she shows no signs, she has early liver damage and scarring on her liver, part has reformulated and is in cirrhosis, why or how we do not know.  She is on special supplements to help support her liver function and we hope that somewhere in Heaven her mom Biride is watching over her so we can give her a long and happy life.  Kendall is also very much in love with an old basset hound named Buford.


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